Preparing for Your Child's First Dental Visit

We want to make your child's first dental check-up a fun and positive experience. Following these helpful guidelines can prepare you and your child for this exciting event.

  • Be aware of your own fears. It is very important that you do not tell negative stories about your visits to the dentist in front of your child. Children are very perceptive and may pick up on any negative attitudes about dentistry.
  • Prepare your child. Read a book about going to the dentist. The Barney book does a great job in describing the visit in a fun way. Play dentist and let your child practice opening wide and letting you look at his/her teeth.
  • Don't over-react. Don't be discouraged if your child cries on the first visit to the dentist. Crying is a normal reaction for some children when faced with a new situation.
  • Brag on your child to others. No matter how your child performs on their first dental visit, it is very important to brag on your child and compliment them on doing very well. If your child thinks they did a good job, they will try even harder the next time.
  • We offer a first visit video for parents to watch with their children prior to their dental appointment.